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We think ahead

When you need working capital for your business, we are here.

We are Prime Funding Group. We offer small business loans and business lines of credit to fit your small business needs. When you need money for growth, expansion, equipment, to win over the job, or for payroll, we have your back. Call in and speak to a representative for 5 minutes to hear what we can do for you.

Our Story

We are a local firm that started from two small owners. The firm was as tiny as a sprout, and the firm has grown to a combined group of experienced individuals. The main ingredient that helped us grow was the right knowledge, the right ethics, and most importantly the right capital. These factors have become the soil which we were able to grow our roots into. We hope to bring the same to you.


Our mission is defined clearly as:


To help fund companies to fuel their growth into their prime condition

The Process

Speak to us

Have a quick chat with any of our friendly, warm, and intelligent staff to quickly see why we're the best

Email Us

We're also available anytime on your mobile phone or computer! Email us to get a response from one of our staff within 1 hour!

If Accept, Sign

If you agree to the funding terms, just sign, and if everything checks out, the money is released into your account!


Prime Funding Group offers

Revenue Based Funding

We offer money calculated by business revenue.

Term Loans

We offer money over long periods of time.

Traditional Business Line of Credit

We offer money which can be re-fi'd every month or so so you can continually have access to funds.

Revolving business lines of credit & loans

We offer a line of credit that functions just like a bank.

Collateralized Options

We offer more money over a longer term and lower rate, while you put up collateral to guarantee it.

We can also assist in

Connecting you to an national SBA loan.

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